San Jose, California is a busy and a high tech area with many doors of opportunities for both men and women. Some studies show that technology and lifestyle have an impact on divorce rates. It may be because technology has no gender preference. Somehow, it gives equality to people that it doesn’t favor anyone as long as they embrace and understand technology. The 2016 San Jose Divorce Statistics show that issues in marriages are correlated with a career.

Three Reasons Why Career Can Cause Divorce:


1. The man is the natural provider in the family. He has to take superiority over everyone. In the world today when women get the same privilege and obligation, dominance tends to be a problem. What if the woman gets more successful? What if she brings more income than the man?


2. When couples are working in a household, there tends to be a competition. Although it is not the intention of both parties, there will always be a silent measurement of who’s doing better — the problem of having the setup where couples both work is that women cannot overpower the men


3. Couples may have more challenges when working in fields such as technology where there is equal opportunity for both men and women. Our society is just transitioning from the time when women are housekeepers to the time when they could have the same skills as men. It could be a problem because it may hurt men’s ego.




From the beginning of time, men are meant to be the alpha, and in today’s world, there is a cry for equality. For this reason, there are aspects of life that are affected such as marriage. Mostly, women cannot be told to stay at home and raise the children. They are made aware that the world is big, and they have the power to conquer it. The idea may somehow be conflicting, but it could also be enlightening. It makes you ask, “Do they not?”