I Am Worse Than My Partner (Setting Things Right)

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Most couples are good at the blame game.  My husband and I used to never run out of things or situation to blame each other. We just have a heaping pile of them, but then, I realized that it is not how we started in our relationship.  We used to be supportive, understanding and accepting of each other, especially when it came to our flaws.

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How Career Can Rob You Of Your Relationship

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When I was in school, my greatest desire was to always be on top of my class, and I was.   I started working and dreamt of being successful and was able to put up a business of my own which was the result of my hard work.  I finally decided to get married with the goal to make my relationship work by being the best wife and mother.   But things seem so hard to handle as many opportunities come up, robbing me of my time to focus on building a family.

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