Frequently Asked Questions About Online Counseling

Mental health problems stemming from a broken relationship can be emotionally exhausting. It is never easy dealing with a relationship problem. Moreover, it is harder to address depressive symptoms arising from important personal connections. 

The failure of the relationship itself can lead to emotional disturbance. Moreover, it can even significantly affect your mental well-being. But there are several possible reasons for the relationship to end.

Apart from falling out of love, relationships may also end because of individual issues. Dominance, unbearable behaviors, and the lack of willingness to engage are all possible contributing factors.


At the same time, the need for validation may lead to unfair expectations in the relationship. Experiences of abandonment as well as traumatic events can impact your ability to show compassion and empathy. However, you can manage these by taking a step back. Through that, you may begin to realize these feelings of guilt and shame.

During this pandemic, due to isolation protocols, traditional psychotherapy is twice as hard to do. Continuity is essential in this type of treatment. And this is why it is still important to seek treatment and medication. 

Online counseling services can help access suitable therapy for mental health, despite the situation. It is a good option for people in remote areas and needs to travel long distances.

Moreover, those who need any counseling type can easily access the help they need. This therapy is instrumental in continuous progress despite accessibility difficulties, especially during lockdown periods. 

Digitally engaging with your therapist can also decrease the likelihood of uncomfortable sessions. If you are interested to know more about how online counseling services can help you and your relationship problems, we’ve listed you a series of frequently asked questions below.

Can I talk to a counselor online for free?

Yes. 7 Cups is an online platform allowing you to talk to a therapist or counselor for free. They have trained listeners who can provide you with the best help. 7 Cups is available for people of all ages.

How can we overcome Counseling problems?

Counselors have well-founded beliefs on things. Sometimes this gets in the way of providing help for patients. But counselors must maintain a neutral perspective. They must be free from bias from their personal preferences. A good understanding of the importance of the role that counselors play can help overcome this struggle.

What are the benefits of online counseling?

The first benefit is accessibility. Anyone may access therapy online, thus overcoming barriers. Those who have physical disabilities who have difficulty going out can benefit significantly from this.

Studies show that online therapy seems to be more effective in teenagers and children. They are more comfortable with technology than some adults. Second, it is convenient for most people. It eradicates the need to schedule appointments. You can choose a time and day that’s most convenient for you.

Finally, it is way more affordable than traditional therapy. Through this, both the therapist and patient can do the session in their own homes.

Is online therapy as effective as in-person therapy?

Yes, online therapy provides a similar quality of help. Studies show that teletherapy is equivalent to in-person therapy in terms of effectiveness. An additional effectivity of online treatment is that it lessens the social stigma. Instead of going to your psychiatrist’s office, you can do this at the comfort of your home.

How do I get advice online?

You may visit the concerned specialist’s website, and someone will accommodate you. To illustrate, in 7 Cups, they have trained volunteers who can be listeners. They heed your needs 24/7. Another online advice site is Elder Wisdom Circle. This platform is for those who do not have older people in their lives to guide them through life.

Through this, they receive useful pieces of advice. Some people resort to Reddit to obtain advice from others. They use it by posting their concerns via posts. Then, people would leave their replies in the comment thread. 

What is the best online counseling service?

One of the platforms with the best counseling service is BetterHelp. They provide different types of services that can fit your needs. BetterHelp employs licensed mental health professionals to help patients.

By answering a questionnaire upon registration, they match you with a counselor that could help you. They offer different communication means. It includes messaging, video conferencing, or phone calls.


What are the problems of guidance?

Various difficulties in implementing guidance and counseling programs include 

  1. Lack of cooperation from parents and students 
  2. Inadequate facilities 
  3. Lack of specific time allocation

Other problems of guidance counselors involve the lack of foresight and planning. School guidance counselors usually do their work without thought. But it should not be the case. Doing so could affect the stability of the student body.

Other guidance counselors have an exaggerated opinion of counseling. They may also feel superior to the patients and co-workers.

What are the challenges of guidance and Counseling?

A study showed that the bulk of school students never visit counseling offices. The mean perception score of scholars and lecturers towards the service’s quality was positive. However, there is either limited availability or unobtainable. There is also a shortage of professionally trained counselors and needed facilities.

How do you overcome academic problems?

An essential thing in overcoming academic problems is time management. It’s critical to manage your time effectively to be productive. Try to use planners or organizers to keep everything in check. Having a regular schedule also helps. If this is too difficult for you, you may seek help from your family and friends.

It’s also vital to have proper studying techniques. You may participate in class discussions and learn from the teacher directly. If this does not work, seek academic advice from outside the school.

Is online therapy safe?

Yes. Platforms use third-party channels to ensure the safety of your information. They use tight security encryption to avoid hacking incidents. To be sure, you can also check the privacy policies of online counseling providers.

What is meant by online Counseling?

It means providing mental health support through the internet. It may transpire through text messaging, video conferencing, email, messaging, or online chat. It is an alternative to in-person counseling. Many patients are switching to this because of its accessibility and convenience.

What are the disadvantages of Counseling?

One disadvantage of counseling is the erratic schedule. Your counselor may not be available for a session all the time. If this is the case, you may not be able to meet with your counselor when you need them most.

For counselors, tax issues may also come into play. They may get taxed for a high amount though counseling does not pay that much.

Which is better, BetterHelp or TalkSpace

Talkspace and BetterHelp are 2 of the most effective online medical aid services. They provide excellent and reliable virtual space for those who need a licensed psychologist. However, Talkspace only offers psychological services.

Meanwhile, BetterHelp allows live video chats and unlimited electronic communication. The company also offers phone consultations. Thus somebody with a slow internet connection might enjoy maximizing the features.

Is there such a thing as an online therapist?

Yes. Online therapists are merely therapists conducting their sessions online. Thus, they make consultations on the internet with their patients. Online therapists have the same qualifications as traditional therapists.

The only difference is the platform wherein they operate. Online therapists underwent treatment and rehabilitation. They also have licensed specialists.


When it comes to building meaningful and nourishing relationships, having conflicts are pretty normal. However, there can be instances where disputes can be harmful as well. It can even cause a significant disruption in your daily function. If this is the case, then there might be serious underlying problems. 


Taking the time to process the difficulties might take some effort. You, with your partner, will need to dig deeper into your relationship. Through this, you can discover root issues that might be causing the problems. 

Relationships are a two-way street. As much as it is important to look at the relationship as a whole, it is also essential to consider each individual.

Due to forced isolation, loneliness has easily become rampant. This unusual time can be affecting a person’s well-being. In turn, these personal struggles can be affecting the relationship as well.

Online counseling is not exclusive to depressive symptoms. Sometimes mental health problems may manifest as disturbance of emotions, anxiety, negative thoughts, and other unpleasant feelings. If this is the case, make sure to ask for help. Sometimes, time can mend relationships.

But if a serious mental health problem is affecting the relationship, then seek professional help.

Moreover, online counseling services can also help with relationship problems. In taking care of your psychological health, counseling through digital platforms can be a helpful tool. Dealing with relationship struggles with a counselor can help further improve the relationship.

Online counseling services can provide you the convenience of accessing your treatment. Several clinics are offering effective online therapy sessions, which are customizable for every individual.

Healing yourself and mending relationships can be emotionally demanding. But through proper professional help, you will eventually overcome your problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Depression Relief

I was recently diagnosed with clinical depression. At first, I cried my heart out because I could not believe I was dealing with a mental health condition. I was disappointed with myself because, as a therapist, I always ensure my clients’ mental health. But now, I am also dealing with the same struggle my patients experienced. I told myself that everything was a lie and that I am emotionally and mentally okay. So why would I be depressed? But soon after I realized, I was in denial because of the emotional trauma I got from my cheating husband.


How It All Started

As a married woman with a very admirable career, I feel entirely happy and satisfied with life. I am a mother of two cheerful and cute little girls, and I live with a professional and handsome, loving husband. But that’s what I thought.

Before I even got a diagnosis of clinical depression, I was under full stress. My kids were always having a bad day at school, my career was taking most of my time every day, my head was filled with duties and responsibilities I could not handle, and everything was a mess. But the worst part of that mess was when I found out that my husband was cheating on me with my secretary. It was a huge blow and insult to my face because the “other woman” lives with us, at my home.

Sadly, I was too confident about them not getting involved in an affair. But hell, how would I know? Soon after knowing that things were out of control, I became a totally different person in a short period. All the negative emotions rushed in, and I lost the will to get better. I tied myself in isolation, and I pushed people away. I had this strong emotional belief that all the people around me were liars and great goddamn actors.

How I Got Over It

Luckily, I was a therapist, so I had the advantage of bouncing back even with a little to no help. From the moment I realized that I matter, I began working on the positive things. I managed to get a hold of myself and focused on the best and effective recovery process I know. Here are a few ideas I’d like to share.

What is the best natural antidepressant? 

Several natural antidepressants that may help lift your mood when you are experiencing anxiety or depression include Omega-3 fatty acids, St. John’s wort, Saffron, and SAM-e. It will also help if you keep a good level of Zinc, Folate, Vitamin B, and Vitamin D in your body.

 What are the general methods used to treat depression? 

The three general methods used to treat depression include interpersonal therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. In some instances, a combination approach can be more effective. And sometimes, these therapies can work better with medication and lifestyle changes.


 How can I lift my mood? 

There are a couple of helpful things you can do to turn your bad mood around. Several ways include listening to good music. If you are a fan of rock and metal songs, you might as well consider an alternative rock or mellow for a more calming effect. You can also get a good laugh with friends. Spend time with people you truly value and care about. Also, you can work on organizing or decluttering your stuff. It is an activity that serves as a distraction to keep you away from constant worries. Allow yourself to vent out your emotions and choose mental and emotional wellness.

 What can reduce pain and depression? 

There are actions you can do to get rid of depression and reduce your pain. However, if you think nothing seems to work, antidepressant medications can be a good option. It may relieve both pain and depression because of shared chemical messengers in the brain. But note. You should seek and talk with your therapist first to get a proper prescription. It will also help if you attend psychological counseling or psychotherapy to gain the best results for your mental health recovery.

 What can replace antidepressants? 

Though experts commonly recommend antidepressants, several treatments can work fine without them. Usually, it is all about self-care. You can consider some alternatives to treat your mental health conditions, including considering an electric shock treatment, getting enough lithium, attending talk or psychotherapies, working on an exercise, and seeking help from self-help groups.

 What is the primary cause of depression? 

Depression is an entirely complicated state, and there are multiple causes of it. Factors including genetic vulnerability, severe medical conditions, death or loss of a loved one, conflict with other people, abuse, and life stressors are some of those. Some substances you may take, like medications, drugs, and alcohol, can affect your brain functions and regulate your moods.

 What is the best medicine for depression? 

Anxiolytic drugs such as Miltown and Valium, along with Prozac, have been spectacularly successful products for over five decades now. However, due to current innovation, the list now includes the best medicine for depression, such as Celexa, Lexapro, Paxil, and Zoloft.

 What is the new treatment for depression? 

TRD is a depressive condition that doesn’t get better even after taking at least two antidepressant therapies. Thus, medical experts and FDA approved Brexanolone, also referred to as allopregnanolone, in March 2019. It is a neuroactive steroid gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA)A containing receptor-positive modulator that treats postpartum depression.

 How can a sad person be happy? 

Judging a person’s reasons for being sad can be quite complicated. In some instances, that individual’s sadness might mean a thing. It could be a mental health condition that the person struggles to deal with or a state that no one understands. But despite possible reasons, it is important to realize that a sad person should focus on getting better and making himself happy. One of the ways he can do that is by smiling. Smiling can show a little bit of self-encouragement despite the uncertainties around. Also, it would help if he surrounds himself with good people who never fail to show appreciation.

 What causes a flat mood? 

A flat mood is a state where people do not express emotions in the same way others do. But usually, this condition is often misunderstood. Having a flat mood does not mean that individuals lack emotions. Instead, their thoughts and emotions are just unexpressed. Sometimes, the verbal or visual absence is caused by certain conditions such as traumatic brain injury, autism, depression, and schizophrenia.

 How can I boost my mood naturally?

The best way to improve your mood naturally should start with a lifestyle change. You need to eat healthy foods such as rich in omega-3 fatty acids and foods high in vitamin d. It is vital to get regular exercise to obtain better and enough sleep. Also, try sun therapy, and practice relaxation techniques. It is vital always to hydrate the body and enjoy caffeine in moderation. Increase social interactions and spend time with people who positively influence your overall development.



Mental health and relationship are always connected, especially when it involves an unexpected traumatic experience. You may see yourself working with progress while in pain, and that is okay. As long as you put it in your mind that “you matter,” there is no way you cannot get over it.