Habits That Builds A Strong Marriage

Marriage is not always cheesy and happy all the time. Mostly, it is all about stress, anxiety, toxicity, exhaustion, and agitation. There are a lot of factors that mostly ruin it instead of making it healthy. It’s okay because that’s part of life and it’s all in the whole package of every romantic relationship. However, it doesn’t have to become an excuse for not trying to make everything work. Romance and relationships consist of elements and foundations that ensure their success. Though each situation is typically unique, there are still some things that couples can do to maintain a healthy marriage.

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Date Nights

People assume that date nights are only for those couples who are starting to sustain their journey of love. But if that’s essential in keeping new couples together, think about how much impact it gives to married couples. Date nights are the most critical component of every romantic relationship because it brings excitement, boosts element of happiness, creates a great bond, and allow couples to get to know each other better. It doesn’t have to be conventional though. “Whether it’s the movie you saw, the food you ate, or the place you visited, it’s important to have an enjoyable experience and continue to get to know each other,” says Dr. Jane Greer, New York–based marriage and family therapist. As long as both try and explore new adventures, keep things fresh, and discover themselves in a new environment, everything can work perfectly fine when there’s the devotion to commit despite a busy schedule.

Resolution Mechanism

One of the reasons why most marriage fails is not due to misunderstanding itself. Instead, it is the lack of having a resolution mechanism. Married couples are more likely to fight almost every day due to discrepancies and different views and opinions. That’s okay. All relationships go down there at some point. But one must recognize that the road to a successful marriage is not always about giving in. Sometimes, couples need to put an effort to find what strategy works in smoothening out their differences. Couples must learn how to identify constructive and destructive conflicts so they can handle it without damaging the relationship in the long run.

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Complementing a partner is one of the simplest gestures everybody can consider. “Compliments are multi-beneficial,” says Nancy Ruth Deen, a certified relationship coach and expert. It doesn’t create a negative impact but somewhat increases self-confidence. As married couples spend their time together almost every day, it is vital that both consider expressing their genuine gratitude for each other. Both should learn to appreciate their loved ones and thank them for all the things they do. Showing recognition shouldn’t have to be an option or a thing someone would do for a particular reason. It should be done consistently and genuinely to uplift the person’s spirit and keep him happy because they deserve it.


Honesty is undoubtedly the most vital part of every relationship. Couples should always look for ways to stay transparent to their partners as much as possible. When there’s a maintenance of the level of honesty, hidden things and secrets will have no room in the relationship. Therefore, both must understand that trust is everything. It is vital not to keep anything from your partner, and that’s primarily when the problem affects your relationship and family.


Married couples tend to feel comfortable with their partners’ overtime. As the years pass, the element of flirting fades. Couples who settle with each other no longer see flirting as a vital part of sustainable and happy marriage. They start to believe that the idea only works mainly at the beginning of the relationship. But, they are wrong. Since flirting is a natural way of expressing affection and interest, couples should look for ways to stay interested in each other. Because not only keeps the passion alive, flirting ensures a powerful and lasting excitement. Make sure you still communicate intimately with each other once in a while. “You, me, and a feeling.”Stephen Snyder, MD.

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Traveling is an essential part of self-growth. However, in terms of relationship, it is something that helps strengthen couples. It allows them to break barriers together, see and enjoy things together, and understand the world together. Traveling promotes meaningful discussion, planning, and unison. It brings couples into one goal of achieving something and allows each of them to look forward to options they can mutually agree. Through traveling, couples can learn and understand each of their responsibilities in focusing on building trust and priorities.

Every one of us seeks lasting and healthy relationships. Therefore there’s a need for building these habits to ensure that our marriage can stand and conquer the obstacles along the way. Marriage requires a mutual effort in considering each other’s roles, sacrifices, and willingness to love unconditionally.