How To Keep The Marriage Alive

Marriage is a lifetime commitment that one should take seriously. “Ideally, the joy of long-term commitment is having someone beside you, with you, to share the joys and the burdens of life. A long-term commitment complements the rest of your life as it becomes an integral part of it,” according to Mark D. White Ph.D..It is where couples try to create their own family and live with the blessings of the Holy Matrimony. It is a significant decision that both men and women should consider because it serves as the couple’s legal bond of their union.


So how does marriage works?

Marriage is composed of specific things that can make it work. Though there are tons of struggle in the relationship, there should be a lot of understanding, love, trust, loyalty, and commitment for it to be able to survive. Here are the things married couples can do to keep their relationship intact.

Start with communication

The most significant factor in every relationship is communication. The habit of talking about everything will give you and your partner easier access to their emotional feelings. A clear message could help couples resolve issues more peacefully. It will also allow you to create a deeper connection and avoid creating a gap before it even starts due to the exchanging of opinions or resolving disagreements. Communication will keep you connected all the time.

Spice up the sex life

Sex is part of marriage, and it is considered to be an exciting moment for married couples. Both parties should realize the importance of intimacy and how it should be done to give both men and women the need for physical attraction. Sex is an essential factor in keeping a relationship because it gives both parties the chance to create another life. It is sacred so it should have to be full of passion. “Of the many forms of couple intimacy — a smile across a room, a kiss, a touch — sex has the potential to be the most powerful positive physical experience most of us enjoy,” says Joel D. Block, PhD.

Give unconditional love

Unconditional love is one of the keys to having a lasting relationship. It is the acceptance of all the imperfections of the one you married.  It has no rules and boundaries, just love. It allows you and your partner to understand the value of commitment without reservations. “When other things become more important, such as careers, children, and personal pursuits, trouble sets in. Make the relationship your top priority. When you do, the marriage flourishes,” says divorce coach Cathy Meyer, CPC, MCC.

Have an alone time together

You and your partner should understand the need of time for each other. It will make you express yourselves and create new things together. It will allow you to get to know each other more. Ditch every distraction that may cause a gap between the two of you.


Surprise your partner once in a while

Marriage can be dull and cold at times, so you have to know the importance of surprises even once in a while. It will allow both parties to feel the assurance of a stable relationship. It will give them time to relieve the memories they have spent together. Surprises can provide a positive effect on the health of both parties too.

Being married is a beautiful feeling and staying inside the marriage is entirely a struggle. So you have to know that there are several ways you should do to keep the relationship alive so you can avoid long-term complications in the future. Always consider each moment your last when expressing your love. Happiness can still find its way when both couples know the significance of keeping the marriage alive.