How Were They Able To Do It?

10 Marriage Advice From Celebs Who Are In Longstanding Marriages


Epic romance movies may come from Hollywood, but it isn’t exactly the best place to nurse a marriage. After all, we can read scores of news about celebrities divorcing and splitting up after so-and-so years of being together almost every day. Nevertheless, if we look beyond these countless divorces and split up stories, there lies true marriage gems: Hollywood stars – some belonging to the industry’s A-list – who have been married to their partners for as long as 10, 20 and even 50 years!

In the land of controversy and gossip, how were they able to do it? Marriage philosophies from people in what could be the world’s most wild place for love sure are golden nuggets of wisdom for married or soon-to-be married couples. Let us all learn a thing or two [and even more!] from these folks.

  1. Liking is a good marriage start.

Tom Hanks’ marriage advice is quite simple. It has kept his marriage to actress Rita Wilson stable for a good 28 years now.

“Liking each other, that’s a good start. I like my wife, and she likes me,” he said when asked by the press about his secret to keeping his marriage away from the rocks.

  1. Keep the romance alive . . . Always.

Pierce Brosnan of the James Bond fame is happily married to Keely Shay Smith for 16 years. In an interview, the actor has this advice to say,” I’m a romantic person. When Keely and I started dating, I’d bring her a breakfast tray in bed with a flower. I do that until now.”

“Couples need to understand the notion of spending “time” together versus creating sacred time together. Spending time at social events, time with family and doing “chores” together does not count as sacred time. Instead, carve out special time to not only be intimate, but also ensure that you continue to share new experiences together such as hiking, exploring someplace new, or arranging a stay-cation in your own city,” by certified life coach Marni Battista, CPC.

  1. Make your family and your partner your top priority.

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman has been married to actress-producer Deborra-Lee Furness for the last 21 years. And the couple’s marriage is going strong despite a 13-year gap between them [with Hugh being the younger one]. When asked how they were able to maintain a healthy marriage despite their busy careers, the Wolverine star admitted that finding each other before becoming a big name in Hollywood helped.

Additionally, Hugh stressed out that it’s all in the priority.

“Our family will always be our priority. No matter the circumstance, we are there for each other,” he said.

Also, “A healthy marriage is one that has a mix of individual, family, and couple time. The amount of each may be different for each couple, but the mix is necessary to keep a functional marriage.”Michele Seligman LCSW, BCD

  1. Giving your partner your attention is a must to have a stable marriage.

Attention might just be a small word in marriage compared to the big guns like commitment and fidelity, but actress Susan Somers couldn’t emphasize its importance more in your bond with your spouse in these words:

“You have to give each other a lot of attention and listen to what each has to say.”

And you can’t take this marriage advice for granted either! After all, it came from a Hollywood someone who’s been married to another Hollywood somebody for five decades now.

  1. A healthy sex life between the two of you is vital to keep your marriage alive.

Actress and author Lisa Rinna’s ready answer was “A healthy sex life!” when asked about how she and husband, Harry Hamlin, kept their love alive over the 20 years they’re together.

According to her, marriage doesn’t give you the license to take your sex life as a couple for granted. When this happens, both parties become susceptible to temptations which could lead to an affair and its ugly aftermath, the messy divorce.

  1. Fights are frequent in every relationship. Don’t make your first one the breaking point of your marriage.

Actress Kelly Ripa, who’s married to actor Mark Consuelos for 16 years and running, recalled how some of her friends get divorced after their first primary fight with their partners.

“I sit there just thinking, that shouldn’t be it. In three days, you’ll most likely forget the reason you fought and would be wondering what made you do it!” she exclaimed.

Her advice? You shouldn’t be opting for divorce after your first blow-up. Take a timeout from each other if you need to but don’t go calling your lawyer.

  1. You must think about marriage as something long lasting, not a temporary gig that you’ll leave once dissatisfaction sets in or when the going gets tough.

Jeff Bridges and Susan Geston have been married for 40 years. When asked what the secret to their union’s longevity is, the 68-year-old actor answered that on his part, he just didn’t want his marriage to fall off as most Hollywood marriages do.

“Marriage is tough, and at some point, you’ll feel dissatisfied. But personally, these are not enough reasons to change partner. Because if you do then, you’ll never know how rich or rewarding a long-term relationship is,” he added.

  1. Keep your marriage and relationship issues between the two of you.

“Sit down, listen to each other and write out how you want your future as a couple to look. It’s much easier to create your best relationship together if both people’s needs are voiced, heard and supported by their partner.”Eve Agee, PhD

Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker may be prevalent within the Hollywood circle and her husband of 20 years, actor Matthew Broderick, may also be well-known in his right, but if you ask any reporter what they know about this couple’s issues, the answer, most likely, is “little to none”. That is because Sarah Jessica is never one to babble her goings-on with her husband and family to the public.

Her “I don’t talk about my marriage” advice for a successful and long-lasting union is very timely given that the world is crazy over social media nowadays.

So crazy that even own fights between loved ones – family members, husband and wife, even friends – are posted online to earn sympathy from others.

  1. Say “I’m Sorry” even when you’re right.

Kevin Costner’s wise words [Costner’s married to his wife Christine Baumgartner for a good 13 years now] when it comes to marriage are these:

‘If you’re willing to say I love you to somebody, mustn’t you also be willing to say I’m sorry to that person, too?

  1. Live your marriage and love your partner like it’s your last day on earth.

Hollywood personalities Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson were married for 16 years before the latter died suddenly in an accident way back in 2009. Neeson, in a message to his late wife in 2016, said these words:

“We have to stop and be thankful for our spouses. Because there will come a day that when you look up from your phone, they’re not there anymore. What I truly learned most of all is, live and love every day like it’s your last. Because – one day – it will be.”