I Want My Parents To Get Back Together – A Daughter’s Wish


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My father left my mom for a woman who was only six years older than I was last year. I am eighteen now, and his mistress was a 24-year-old temp in a firm which used to be his client. He left my mother, a beautiful and strong woman in her forties, for a slutty and gold-digging girl who is almost my age. Am I angry at him? Bah! You bet I am, but he is my dad. He pays for my college tuition at the University of Maryland. It sucks big time to be me, as I saw my mother cry every night for months due to her heartbreak which my dad has caused.


He gave the house to my mother because I have two minor siblings who need her. I live with my mom, and I don’t think I’ll move out anytime soon, not until I’m sure that she is better off or at least coping from this mess that my middle-aged dad has created. She is a housewife, and his financial support is spot on.


He Is My Dad After All

I can’t say anything bad about my father on that money thing. But is money enough? Can it fill the void in my mom’s heart? No, it’s not enough. It can’t make my mom less empty. I mean, they’ve been together since my mom was fifteen and they’ll be thirty years in eight months. How can he forget all of that, hurt my mother to the core, and go off on an adventure with a child almost my age? I was so pissed at him, and with my resentment all in, I wrote my dad an email. I told him everything that my heart could afford to say – basically saying, what is wrong with you dad?


A few days after that email I received his reply. He said that we needed to talk. My dad wanted me to go to his pad so we can converse without distractions and all. I asked him if the tramp was going to be there and he said that Ainsley (I hate her name) was at her mom’s for now. His reply was weird, but then I set a date for our meeting.


His pad was a 2-bedroom place. It was luxurious and nice. Mom would have loved to decorate the place for him, knowing my mother – she had this artistic flair. My dad opened the door and forced me to hug him. I agreed reluctantly, thinking that he is my university benefactor. Of course, I made sure not to waste time and asked him why he wanted to meet with me.


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An Unexpected But Wanted Reaction

He was silent for a few minutes and tried to open his mouth and looked for words that wouldn’t come out.


“I am so sorry.”

“I was stupid and selfish.”

“Your email made me realize how self-centered I am.”

“Did she forget about me?”

Is it too late?”


Those were the only words I could hear since he was sobbing – my dad was crying!


“Too late for what, dad?” I asked.

“Your mom, is it too late for me?” He replied.


I didn’t want to burst his bubble, but yeah, mom was already in the “scene” and dating other guys. I know for a fact that she hasn’t slept with anyone after dad left her, but yeah, she had some mature and handsome divorced or widowed men trying to swoon her.


My dad has to know, and I told him about her romantic dates. He seemed to be hurt even more and looked so hopeless. I told him that he needed to face my mom soon and to ask her out – not to propose anything as of yet. Of course, I also told him to kick the tramp out and break it off with her. Apparently, my email made him do that on his own. Oh, good Lord, thank you! He also said that he would do call my mom and he hugged me again as I said goodbye.


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A Daughter’s Wish

It’s up to them now if they want to reconcile or not. I did my part as their child, and even if my dad was the culprit, I know that he just made a big mistake. He is human after all. My mom will have to decide if he is to be forgiven or not. Do I want them to get back together? YES, YES, and YES. Many times over. And until then, I am rooting for them.