Couples Laughter Therapy

 It may be corny or it may be old school, but somehow there is truth to the saying that laughter therapy is the best medicine.  The words can be found in the Bible, in Proverbs 17:22, where it says that a merry heart is good medicine.   



When you are happy, you stop worrying.   As you laugh, it reduces your stress hormones and improves immune cells and antibodies that fight infections, thus, improving your body’s ability to combat diseases.  Possessing a good sense of humor makes you feel good not just about yourself but every single person around you.   It makes you look at life in a positive context. 


Laughing As Couples



Laughter Therapy sounds most pleasing when shared between couples.  Sharing the same sense of humor with your partner could make you stay together on the road to forever. It may not always be happy times but it could be lasting love.  Being understanding of each other’s level of playfulness is essential to creating a bonded and secure relationship.   


What Science Says

Science-backed up that laughter is good for couples to stay happily together.   

A study revealed that couples who laugh together are proof that they enjoy a stable and positive relationship.   Laughing together as a couple is far better than just laughing in the presence of your partner.   


Laughter therapy is not all about jokes.  Another study specified that couples who shared laughter while reminiscing their good memories greatly influenced a positive relationship as compared to other sorts of pondering.   A psychologist found that reminiscing happy memories with your partner would indeed make you both laugh the sweetest.   


How To Create Moments Where You Can Laugh As Couples

Wondering how to increase the time when you share chuckles and giggles?  Laughter should not be forced.  Faking it could be damaging to your relationship. It should be something that is natural and spontaneous.   

It would only be innate when you are not always serious.  Creating a relaxed atmosphere will allow you and your partner to be free, childlike, and fanciful.   


Try to let loose.  It would be sweet if you try dancing in the kitchen, go on trips and adventures, play games you used to do and genuinely enjoy.  Relive the happy times you once had, look at your old photographs, go back to the places where you used to date, places where you used to share laughter together.   


Be silly, crack jokes, and enjoy a good prank.   


Live in the present when you are together.  Set your phones and other gadgets aside and enjoy only each other’s company.  Refrain from talking about work or other problems because there are the right time and venue for that.    


Avoid Overdoing It

Laughter therapy is about making your partner or others laugh.

It is not about being a good joker, but about finding happiness in every moment and adoring it together.  It is not about shaming your partner just to get laughs because that wouldn’t be funny at all.  Aggressively doing it might put your relationship in jeopardy.  Laughing together should be something constructive, not destructive.   


Secure The Relationship By Being Funny

Laughter is a godsend, a therapy that favors individuals and couples and their relationship.

  1. It tickles your imagination creating channels to improve communication.
  2. Brain scans done by researchers reveal that laughter is something that is contagious.  It shows how the brain responds to staged and natural laughter and how facial muscles move to join in.    
  3. Laughter therapy raises your energy and heart rate by 10 to 20 percent and it lets you burn more calories than running or jogging.   
  4. Cracking a joke even after an argument and laughing together makes you both feel much better.  You become emotionally closer and tend to focus on the positive and thus clears your mind to make better decisions.  Choose to be in a happy mood despite your differences.   
  5. Laughing your way to bed does not only benefit you by having a good healthy sex life but assures you that you are in a secure relationship.   




There are things, memories, and acts that guarantee to make you and your partner laugh.  If you need reassurance and encouragement, laughing with your significant others will undoubtedly be the most effective way.  Who else would give you the best support and uplifting when you badly need it? 

Final Thoughts On Laughter Therapy

Laughter Therapy is not just about your health but the well-being of the relationship you have as a couple.  Reinforce the bond that keeps your relationship strong, healthy, and happy by laughing together. Start the giggles and the chuckles now.