Why Insurance Is Important To Married Couples According To A Therapist  

All couples that enter the sanctity of matrimony or union by marriage seek the security of a lifetime. It involves two people, as partners, facing all the imminent hardships that they may endure during their lifetime together.  For these couples, all decisions are then talked about, unified to ensure the wellness of each individual in the marriage, their kids, and the marriage itself. As said by Catherine Aponte Psy.D.“An important part of the interactions between you and your spouse is the way in which you communicate thoughts, ideas, and feelings primarily through verbal communication. Your ability to verbally communicate with your spouse can significantly enhance the kind of relationship that will exist between the two of you.”

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Financial Issues In Marriage 

Within almost all marriages, conflicts and problems may occur. As suggested by Stan Tatkin Psy.D., “I’m an advocate of what I call secure-functioning relationships. This means that you and your partner operate as a two-person psychological system in a manner that is fully collaborative, mutual, and mindful.” This means, whatever issues that may occur, you two have to fix it.

These problems sometimes become the cause of many divorces, of failed marriages that have affected millions of families. Very often, such issues are due to the financial constraints marriage faces, constraints that make it difficult for them to stay together happily and financially secured.  

That is why married couples need insurance. It may be seen as a way to mitigate financial risks couples may encounter, thus allowing partners to focus more on their family rather than the financial problems they are undertaking. 

Here are three reasons why insurance can be beneficial to a married couple. 

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  1. It provides security. It is essential for a couple to maintain financial security throughout their marriage. It will allow them to live a worry-less and relaxed lifestyle. Having financial security gives couples peace of mind.   Thus, it allows them to focus more on the personal needs of each other rather than the never-ending bills that come with almost any kind of lifestyle. Having this kind of security may enable a couple to provide the tangible security of a home for their family as well as the financial support a family needs during sicknesses and even during the event of a death within the family. 
  2. It provides confidence. Having your family insured gives the courage for a couple to have kids in the future. It takes away the doubt of not being able to sustain the financial requirements of having children.  It paves a way to a more supported plan of raising kids and helps with the expenses that come in achieving both the children’s dreams and the dreams of their parents for them.
  3. It provides assurance. Assurance in the form of a mitigated financial loss after a marriage fails. It prevents a couple from an economic casualty after the proceedings are done, giving them what they need to start again which is always tricky after a divorce. 
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They say that the best time to invest was yesterday and that is always true.  The therapist advises couples to consider investing in insurance to lessen their worry and arguments regarding finances.  Couples need to invest if they are planning to build a stronger future together. It will not only benefit and protect each person in marriage but also their kids, their families, and also the properties that they may own together. The union of two individuals means having responsibility for each other that includes sharing all debts and problems before and during their marriage. Insurance will also act as a safety net during times when troubles or hardships occur in a marriage. Insurance helps a lot, especially on financial matters. 

And if necessary, if issues formed can’t be solved by you two, then, ask assistance from a therapist who, like Andrea F. Polard Psy.D., will say “Many marriages can be saved by accepting that they can be hard work. It is normal. A few well-placed changes can go a long way.”