Never Marry Someone Only Because Of These


Yes, love crosses no boundaries. No one is allowed to question your decision to have a beautiful life with your significant other. That is regardless if you want to settle down and get married. However, there are things that you must consider. Not only does marriage is a commitment, but it is also something that gets built over time. So if you want to be in a situation where you think it will make you happy, then go for it. But if you are only concern about this stuff below, then you might want to reconsider the idea of marriage.

Parents’ Choice

Marrying someone because of parents’ choice is something you should never consider. Yes, there are still a lot of cases in other countries and religions that support the practice. But if you want to have the happiness you always dreamed of, never marry someone that your parents chose for you. Take note that it will not only create tons of future complications. There might also be a chance that the marriage will turn you into someone you are not supposed to become.



Money should ALWAYS have to be out of the picture when it comes to marriage. Unfortunately, a lot of people are engaging in the practice of marrying someone rich, even though there is no romantic attachment at all. Some individuals value possession more than their life-long happiness, and we somehow cannot blame them. But if you appear to be on the exact situation, consider evaluating things first for the sake of your emotional and psychological health. Never allow money to ruin your future happiness because it is not going to be worth it.


No matter what the circumstance is, never marry someone who controls your decisions through blackmail. That person is so evil that he or she will never love you, unconditionally. When you allow yourself to get caught up in a situation where an individual is forcing marriage, then by all means never to do it. Chances are when you marry someone just because you get blackmailed; you will never quickly get out of the situation. You will get trapped in a marriage that only controls and never considers.



Of course, you know that vengeance is never an ultimatum reason for marriage. No one does that. No person desire to prolong the agony of their miserable life only to get revenge. However, there are exceptions. Some people chose to get married because they want others to suffer the way they did. But if you are in that condition, might as well pass. It will never create something useful and often ends terribly. So when you try and incorporate marriage to vengeance, all things turn out negatively.

Marrying someone is something you should do with full of determination and considerations. It is not something you only thought you could do just because you can. Learn to value commitment and marriage, because that is the only way you can appreciate your worth.