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Saving your marriage is possible, We will give you the marriage help you need.

I also know what it’s like looking for marriage help. Five years ago my life seemed hopeless and I’ve known many nights without sleep, and the pain in your gut that doesn’t seem to go away.

Help in saving your marriage is on the way; I will take you with me on my journey, let you know my mistakes and my triumphs. I will show you how to get your marriage going in the right direction again.

I have been through marriage separation and some very hard emotional times, and experienced things that I hope I’ll never have to again. I know the feeling of being on a roller coaster,the ups and the downs, twist and turns, the heart stopping plunge back towards the Earth. You feel like you just want to run away from this emotional nightmare. I will help you learn to control these emotions and regain control of your life and family.

And that’s why am here today, it’s for you. I know how much pain you’re in because I was there. I know that feeling of desperation and I want to help you. I’m here to give you hope; share my story with you through its ups and downs. And yes there were plenty of those.

I can give you the marriage help I was seeking so desperately.

I will try to make this the best website for marriage help on the Internet. And if I don’t know the answers, I will help you find them. We are in this together. I don’t believe I can do this alone, your thoughts and questions are vital for this to happen. If you have questions, please ask me.

I am not a licensed counselor and I do not have a PhD. What I do have is the hard-earned experience of living through a marriage separation and emerging with a relationship that is stronger than it had ever been prior to my troubles. Degrees are fine for solving problems from a theoretical viewpoint, but until you’ve experienced the pain of a divorce or broken marriage you cannot really understand what it takes to repair one.

During this period of my life I searched the Internet and read countless stories that were nearly carbon copies of mine; it was eerie how closely they resembled what I was going through. Sadly, I never found stories of people who solved their problems and brought their marriages back together. Perhaps those who were able to fix their marriages ran blissfully off with their spouse and felt no need to post regarding their success. But when I was there, reading all those stories and looking for any glimmer of hope, I promised that if I succeeded I would share my story.

And that’s why saving your marriage is so important. I know how much pain you’re in because I felt it too. I know that feeling of desperation and I believe my story will help you.

I’m here to give you hope, to share my story with you, both the ups and downs of my journey back to sanity. I want to give you the hope and marriage help I was seeking so desperately.

It is my sincere desire to make this the best website for those who are working on saving your marriages. We’re in this together; your mission is to save your marriage and mine is to help you do it. And neither of us can accomplish our mission without the other. If you have questions that I cannot answer I’ll help you find one.


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