Marriage 101: Does COVID-19 Put Your Relationship At Risk?

For most people, this pandemic only causes emotional and mental distress. However, for others, this situation allows them to understand the kind of person they are living with entirely. In married couple’s lives, this pandemic situation makes them identify their entire marital issues. Because at this stage where both individuals are thrown together inside a house for 24/7, a lot of things can get a little rough. And sometimes, even the small error can lead to a different level of psychological and emotional torture.


For some, this situation can be an excellent way to get to know each other better. For most married couples, they try to be as positive as possible. They live together and work on dealing with the pandemic as much as they can. However, we can’t deny that some couples don’t appreciate the struggle of this global crisis. That is especially when all they can focus on is the way the situation is crushing their relationship. These include their financial, health, communication, as well as child-management.

At some point, there are long-term marriages that somehow survive the potential risk for marital breakdown. Perhaps that is because of the stuff that both partners pretty much get used to dealing with over the years of living together. That even if they do not talk about it, both can merely agree not to make a big deal out of it. However, not all married couples are emotionally reliable to handle even the slightest error in the relationship. In some unfortunate instances, an unexpected trigger can do all the damage. That explains why married couples during this time struggle to stay connected.


The Truth About This Situation And Married Life

Contrary to the idea that this Coronavirus outbreak brings couples together, well, it does not. At some point, it gives married individuals time to spend together and appreciate each other. But in reality, it does not support solving marital issues, especially when it gets related to previously unsolved ones. Yes, this pandemic situation gives time for married couples to reflect and evaluate themselves. However, it does not secure an intact realization in providing a solution to their already damaged marriage. At times, it can become evident that the end game for both individuals living with emotional and mental distress will be a signature over a divorce paper.


The most significant problem and real issue that comes up for married couples in this time of the pandemic is the lack of emotional awareness. Yes, there is a lot of anxiety and stress nowadays, and if one partner cannot contain the emotion, it explodes. And when that happens, things can go down the pit when one cannot handle the emotional outburst. There are lots of complaints about this pandemic situation, and the mental struggle of both parties destroy couples. Soon, one or both of them will come to a point where there is no sense to care for anything anymore.


Admittedly, there is no exact solution as to how couples could deal with marital issues regardless of being together 24/7. There is no guarantee either that if both of them agree onto something, it will fix the emotional and mental instability they have. That is despite them having the ability to save and patch things in their marriage. Yes, this pandemic situation stresses people up and ruins everything in their lives. Therefore, the aim of a definite goal should not end there. As long as both parties can openly discuss their flaws and weaknesses, the marriage might have a chance to survive the stress over this global health crisis.

How Parents Can Protect Their Child From Sexual Abuse

According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website, one out of every six American women and one out of every 33 men have been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in his or her lifetime. Sexual assault response coordinators and victim advocates work professionally and diligently to ensure the rights and needs of victims are met.(U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Clayton Lenhardt/Released)


Family counseling and dealing with different family situations were the topics of importance at the 2017 Couples Conference. For the professional counselors and those who are studying the practice, it was an opportunity to share their experiences with different families as they help them manage their lives together as a unit. For families who had and were still suffering from burdens of misunderstanding, domestic abuse, father-son relationships, etc., this was their pass to getting more suggestions and more help from the experts.

In relation to one of the much-discussed topics in the event, we are dedicating this information to all the parents worldwide. Below are two important ways in which you can protect your child from sexual abuse.

As a parent, be a part of your child’s life. This way, you can talk to her about the signs of sexual assault, and she will understand it easier because you are consistently involved. It is best to let your child know that you are interested in what she does. At the end of the day, ask her what she did and who she was with. Who does she sit with during her lunch breaks? Know who her friends are and talk with them. Better yet, know their parents. It’s one of the best ways to get to know your child’s friends, and it would be more of a relief to you.

Another way of securing your child’s safety is to choose a caregiver that is efficient and trustworthy. Of course, you’ll only get to know this by first investigating your caregiver’s profile and past experiences. You may also want to talk with your child about what she may be seeing on television – physical and sexual violence are usually present. Then you can ask her, “Have you heard about sexual abuse before? Do you want to learn how to protect yourself from things like these?”

Encourage your child to talk to you and talk to others. When your child knows that her voice is essential, she will be confident to speak to someone when something goes wrong. If she is having trouble speaking up, you can start with small conversations that would allow her to open up to you. Ask her how she feels. Eventually, when she gets used to opening up, she will no longer be afraid to seek help when she needs it.

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Lastly, let your child know that no matter what she will say, she will always be loved and protected by you and that she won’t get in trouble for it. Remove the fear in her by embracing her and making her feel your love. Sexual abuse is rampant today. You need all the help you can get as a parent, but it will be easier if your child knows how to deal with it in the first place – and that is by working with you.


I Am Worse Than My Partner (Setting Things Right)



Most couples are good at the blame game.  My husband and I used to never run out of things or situation to blame each other. We just have a heaping pile of them, but then, I realized that it is not how we started in our relationship.  We used to be supportive, understanding and accepting of each other, especially when it came to our flaws.

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How Career Can Rob You Of Your Relationship


When I was in school, my greatest desire was to always be on top of my class, and I was.   I started working and dreamt of being successful and was able to put up a business of my own which was the result of my hard work.  I finally decided to get married with the goal to make my relationship work by being the best wife and mother.   But things seem so hard to handle as many opportunities come up, robbing me of my time to focus on building a family.

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Reawaken The Passion In Your Relationship


My husband and I have been married for 12 years now, and we have three kids.   From our very intimate relationship during the early stage of our marriage, we have grown to become just like ordinary friends (with benefits).  We communicate, but the topics we most talk about are the kids, our work, the bills, and only the common aspects of our zestless married life.

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Why Insurance Is Important To Married Couples According To A Therapist  

All couples that enter the sanctity of matrimony or union by marriage seek the security of a lifetime. It involves two people, as partners, facing all the imminent hardships that they may endure during their lifetime together.  For these couples, all decisions are then talked about, unified to ensure the wellness of each individual in the marriage, their kids, and the marriage itself. As said by Catherine Aponte Psy.D.“An important part of the interactions between you and your spouse is the way in which you communicate thoughts, ideas, and feelings primarily through verbal communication. Your ability to verbally communicate with your spouse can significantly enhance the kind of relationship that will exist between the two of you.”


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Expert Recommendations On Healing Your Wounded Marriage

Getting back the life and love you’ve lost along the challenging road of marriage.

“When your marriage which you thought would stand the test of time ends, your heart understandably is broken. It’s normal to feel completely lost, afraid and all alone. It’s also natural to start wondering about when to date after divorce because you want the pain to go away,” says Alicia Clark PsyD.

Don’t you just detest going through a divorce? All those stressful meetings, the screaming, blaming, seemingly endless arguing that eventually lead to even more screaming, blatant cursing, and bickering until both parties are too exhausted to attack each other and just agree on signing those liberating documents – this is the usual scenario in divorce cases.



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